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Loving Adults 

Not everyone has the time nor the patience to train a puppy.

Which is why we offer trained adults.  These dogs are 

a perfect fit for families looking to enjoy the protection and love a GSD has to offer. These adult dogs have been trained as house dogs and not yard dogs. Which is why we carefully screen families that are considering an additional member to their home.  Please read our prerequisite carefully and feel free to make an appointment to visit our ranch and meet the dogs and see if a connection is there. 

Thank you for considering us and we hope to see you soon.  


Meet TRUE she is 7 years old. True is a loving GSD with mid range energy levels. She would be perfect to take on hikes and protect your home.   We are looking for a family that can provide True the love and attention she deserves.  

TRUE comes with AKC papers and a allowance at purchase for spaying.

- leash trained 

-house trained 

- off lease trained 

-crate trained  

Meet Goldie she is 7 years old.  Goldie is a relaxed laid back beautiful girl. She is independent, loving and extremely smart.  Goldie has low range energy levels. She would be a perfect for the relaxed home of an older couple looking to have good companionship and protection.  Goldie will be placed in a home that can appreciate a good

quality dog.    

Goldie comes with AKC papers and has been spayed.  

- leash trained 

-house trained 

- off lease trained 

-obedience trained 

-crate trained


Fenced Yard, committed individuals, a reliable vet and the understanding of owning a GSD. 

  • The animal must be spay/neutered

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

  • All members of the household must be interviewed before purchase is approved. 

  • Anyone renting or leasing must have written permission from their landlord before purchase.

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